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BPZ2002 Intelligent pressure gauge

The BPZ2002 series media isolated digital pressure gauge offers the accuracy of a solid state sensor with a low price that resluts from its proprietary ASIC design. Its rugged construction incorporates a micro-machined silicon pressure sensor (MEMS) isolated from the media by a stainless steel diaphragm. With no moving parts, a long is assured. The large, 18mm(0,71") High LCD digital display eleiminates the guesswork that occurs gauge. Zeroing the display is conveniently done with the push oa a button. Pressure readings are displayed continuosly for 1-15minutes (optional). When auto shut-off occurs, conserving battery life.


  • Large 4-digit LCD display 18mm(0,71") High.
  • 0,25% full scale accuracy.
  • Long battery life.
  • 3,6V battery included.
  • User-selectable 0 for 15 minutes auto-off.
  • User-selectable engineering units: psi, bar, Kg/cm², or kPa.
  • User-selectable peak and hold or continuous reading.
  • Compatible with most corrosive media.