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BPZ2003 WET/WET Differential intelligent pressure gauge

The BPZ2003 is a "ture" media isolated, wet/wet differential figital pressure gauge designed to measure corrosive gases and liquids. It offers the accuracy of a solid state sensor with a low price that results from its proprietary ASIC disegn. Its solid state construction incorporates a micro-machined silicon pressure sensor (MEMS) and has no moving parts, ensuring a long life. Pressure is transferred from stainless steel diaphragm to the sensor through silicon oil.


  • Large 4-digit LCD display 18mm (0,71") High.
  • 0,25% full scale accuracy.
  • Long battery life.
  • 3,6V battery included.
  • User-selectable 0 for 15 minute auto-off.
  • User-selectable engineering units: psi, bar, Kg/cm², or kPa.
  • User-selectable peak and hold or continuous readings.
  • Compatible with dry, non-corrosive gases.