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MPM480-489 transmitter is developed as an adjustable Zero & FS output piezo-resistive pressure transmitter. It uses a high-stability and reliable piezo-resistive pressure sensor as testing element, which is isolated by stainless steel diaphragm, and high-quality amplifier circuit, which is in-housed in a stainless steel housing. The transmitter has compact size with good performance. It is widely applied in various fluids station and hydrology, etc. MPM480 transmitter is olso available with intrinsically safe version ExialCT6.


  • Pressure range: -0,1...0 - 0,1...100MPa.
  • Overpressure: 1,5 x FS or 110MPa, takes min. value.
  • Pressure type: gauge(G); absolute(A); sealed gauge(S).
  • Accuracy (non lin. + hys. + rep): MPM489 ±0,5%FS            MPM480 ±0,025%FS
  • Long-term stability: MPM489 ±0,15%FS tyn     MPM480 ±0,1%FS tyn
  • Compensated temp.: 0°C - 60°C.
  • Operating temp.: -30°C - +80°C / intrinscally safe version ì: -10°C - +70°C.
  • Storage temp.: -40°C - +120°C.
  • Power supply: 10 - 30VDC / intrinsically safe version supply by safe valve.
  • Output signal: 4-20mA (2-wire); 0/1-5VDC (3-wire); 0-10VDC (3-wire).
  • Intrinsically safe version ì: ExiaCT6.
  • Pressure connection: ¼G male - ½G male.  M20X1,5 male - M20x1,5 male flush diap. - ½G male flush diap.
  • Electrical connection: plug DIN43650 - cable.
  • Housing protection: IP65.
  • Temp. coefficient: -Zero: MPM489: 0,05%FS/°C(±100kPa); 0,03%FS/°C(±100kPa) / MPM480: 0,03%FS/°C(±100kPa); 0,02%FS°C(±100kPa)               -Full Scale: MPM489: 0,05%FS/°C(±100kPa); 0,02%FS/°C(±100kPa) / MPM480: 0,03%FS/°C(±100kPa); 0,02%FS/°C(±100kPa)