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Biult-In printer indicatore for platform/floor scale Type BSW-P SERIES


  • Unit convert from: g, Kg, lb.
  • Rechargeable battery. Battery provide up to 200 hours of continouos use.
  • Can connect with 4 load cell.
  • Has the function of simple parts counting, auto zero tracking, tare, Hi-Low weight check.
  • Can print ID No. date, S/N. weight and total weight.
  • Packing: 4 in one; 46x36x59 cm.
  • Suitable for bench scale and floor scale.
  • RS232 Interface (Optional)


  • Display: 25mm LCD display with backlight
  • External Resolution: 1/15,000 – 1/60,000
  • Internal Counts: 150,000 – 600,000
  • Power Sources: Rechargeable battery, AC:110V/220V, DC:6V/4Ah
  • Pan Size: 400mmx500mm

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