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Precision industrial transducers and sensors


The CT310 ultra high pressure sensor is made of metal alloy material. It is the result of a special process treatment, features an integrated design, an all stainless steel welded casing, laser resistance adjustment temperature compensation and a high performance digital processing circuit. It is characterized by good long-term stability, long service life and safe and stable operation in ultra-high pressure applications.


  • water jets and high pressure cleaning systems
  • waterjet cutting and hydroforming processes
  • machinery for food sterilization and high pressure homogenizers
  • isostatic presses, large hydraulic presses, machinery in the metallurgical sector
  • petrochemical industry


Pressure range: 0 ~ 150MPa… 200MPa..300MPa… 400MPa… 600MPa… 800MPa… 1000MPa… 1200MPa

Output signal: 4-20mADC 2 wires -0-5VDC 3 wires-0-10VDC 3 wires-0-20mV 4 wires

Accuracy: ± 0.25% FS e ±0.5%FS opzionale (< 800MPa)/±0.5%FS @800MPa 1%FS @1000MPa@1200MPa

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