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The laboratory scales of the ATA and ATZ series are compact, small in size and extremely precise. The ATA series is designed for use in: laboratory, pharmacies, jewelers and in general where high precision is required. The same design has been applied in both series which guarantees reliable use over the long term. The transparent screen with cover allows use in rooms where it is impossible to eliminate air movements. The large, backlit display and functional keyboard allow for quick and easy use. The USB interface allows connection to a computer to store the weighing results. In addition, the RS232C interface allows you to connect a printer or a label printer to print receipts and reports.
  • Capacity (Max): 220g, 320g, 520g, 1200g, 2200g.
  • Accuracy class: II
  • Dimensions: 185x290x90mm
  • Plate size: ø115mm or ø150mm
  • Power supply: -230V 50Hz 6VA / 12V 1.2A

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