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Price computing scale Type SSP/SSPL

Capacity: 3 - 3/6 - 6/15 - 15/30 Kg


Approved Model:

  • Kilogram (Kg) / 100 gram (100g) weighing modes
  • 3 Pre-set memory keys (M1-M3) for saving unit price or accumulation functions (M+/MR/MC), up to 99 data accumulation while being connected with an label printer

Non-approved Model:

  •  Kilogram (Kg) / 100 gram (100g) / Pound (lb) / Ounce (oz) weighing modes
  •  Accumulation functions (M+/MR/MC), up to 99 data accumulation and 45 data recall


  • Dual-side LCD display (customer and vendor sides). 16,5 mm-height digits on front LCD and 17,5 mm- height digits on rear/pole LCD
  • Up to 1/7,500 display resolution (for non-approved model) With single-interval or multi-range (2 ranges) division
  • Auto Zero-point tracking
  • Tare function
  • Give-change function
  • Weight unit setting: Kg/100g available ( Kg/100g/lb/oz available for non-approved model)
  • 3 Pre-set memory keys (M1-M3) for saving unit price
  • P10 – P99, 90 sets of indirect PLU
  • Accumulation function (up to 99 data accumulation) (need to be equipped with outer label printer for approved model)
  • Low power & charging status indication
  • External digital-calibration
  • Gravity-value setting
  • Pole display for SSPL model only
  • Adjustable and nonskid rubber feet
  • In-use cover for water-splash proof
  • Stainless steel platter
  • Could be connected with external printers via optional RS232 interface: Argox (OS-203DT series) / Datecs (LP-50 series) / Weida (WD-T series)


  • LED backlight
  • RS232 interface
  • External printer (Argox OS-203DT series)


  • Non-approval model: 1/6000 display resolution (single-range or dual-range with 1/3000 per range available)
  • Approval model: 1/3000 display resolution (single-range or dual-range available)


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