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In jewellery sector, the necessary precision to weigh precious stones and metals can be obtained only with the use of specific weighing scales for goldsmiths.

The accuracy of the final result that only a digital weighing scale for gold jewellery can achieve is essential to classify and estimate the value of stones, but also to design jewels.

Diamonds, precious stones, gold and silver: these are some of the precious metals and stones that can be accurately weighed by our precision scales for jewellery, specifically produced to meet the needs of jewelers. Our weighing scales for gold jewellery are able to weigh loads that vary from a few grams to 1,5 kilograms, choosing between 14 different units of measurement including carats. Our scales can also calculate the percentage weight and ensure high quality and stability.

Designed by the technicians that collaborate with Celmi, who changed the features of a traditional precision scale in order to adapt it to the specific needs of jewellery sector, our scales are the perfect device that will allow goldsmiths to do their job with the highest level of professionalism.

The percentage weight and the block mode functions allow our weighing scales for goldsmiths to provide useful information in an easy way: the 3-second response time stands out as an extremely competitive feature in the panorama of weighing instruments and the windproof glass ensures a performance without mechanical interference or external agents. The accuracy of 0.001 g of our digital weighing scales for gold jewellery is synonymous with precision, quality and reliability.