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High-precision scales from Celmi provide modern requirements in performance and accuracy offering measurements up to 0,001 gram and best results in tight tolerances. When milligram precision is a must in weighing, laboratory scale is the solution to ensure precise weighing from 100 g to 3,000 g featuring maximum accuracy of the weight measured at 0,001 g. This type of weighing instrument is usually equipped with a large backlit LCD screen offering both weighing and counting functions with extended options like change of measurement units (there are 17 of them in line with worldwide standards).

Laboratory scales are used in a variety of sectors: from chemistry to biology, from pharmaceuticals to medicine, from industrial analysis to jewellery. Considering the delicacy of weighing operations, it is always a good idea to rely on branded products with a solid reputation.

Founded by a group of professionals in 1981, Celmi has developed reputation on international market for over 35 years perfectly representing iconic quality of Italian production.