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New technologies and 35 years of solid experience allow Celmi to create pallet weighing scales perfectly suiting modern needs in quality and accuracy. We provide international market with products of highest precision, reliability and integration flexibility for complex industrial automation systems in both industrial and commercial sectors.

We develop platforms perfectly integrating in any type of automatic or manual weighing application featuring low profile and unscrewed load feet to allow maximum functionality together with 4 load cells in steel alloy or stainless steel for Class-III accuracy.

Wide range of applications for our weighing scales includes container filling, automatic dosing, fine line weighing, piece counting and pallet weighing. Celmi models are usually composed of a compact weight indicator and a solid, robust one-piece steel platform. Alternatively they can consist of a trans-pallet that provides both lifting and weight detection.

Blending practical and highly technological features Celmi pallet scales can be used on a smooth or anti-slip plate holding up to 2 tons and operating at full speed in a temperature conditions between -10° C and + 40° C.