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Our range of vehicle scales is designed to provide reliable performance under the most demanding conditions of automotive sector. Celmi developed dedicated solutions for weighing of bulky object including cars and trucks. Our car scales are designed to provide enhanced performance to weight a vehicle, ensuring maximum safety for drivers and avoiding a dangerous overload.

Weighing is performed by placing the vehicle on 4 platforms that work together using WI-FI network integrating all platforms in a single weighing process top provide precise and definitive weight data. As an alternative Celmi offers an axle weighing systems using 6 load cells with a total load up to 20 tons.

Celmi car weighing scales feature waterproof protection and more features to operate in most severe conditions including heavy rain, wind and hail. To ensure enhanced measurement accuracy, our products for car weighing are equipped with an ultra-thin platform for minimization of intrinsic error margin and high-precision sensors for weighing cars and other vehicles with outstanding reliability results.