HOW MUCH DOES LIFE WEIGH? Now, there is a scale that can reveal it

Now, there is a scale that can reveal it

We have to thank the researchers of ETH University, that have invented a scale capable of measuring a single living cell with a resolution of milliseconds and trillionths of a gram.
Here is the working method of this innovative instrument called Cytomass Monitor, created by Christoph Gerber and Sascha Martin of Basil University, Jason Mercer of University College London, led by ETH’s professor Daniel J Müller
Cytomass Monitor works by monitoring the changing resonant frequency of a cantilever, to which the cell is attached. A pulsing blue laser pointed at the microscopic cantilever causes it to oscillate. When the cantilever picks up an individual cell, researchers can determine its weight by the way that the resonant frequency changes, which is read by an infrared laser. The studies determined that the weight continuosly changes over the cell’s life cicle, as well as during the divison process or under the influence of different substances or viruses. Generally speaking, the weight fluctuates between 1 and 4% and stops only when it is dying.
You will be surprised to discover that, in spite of everything, this scale is not the most sensible ever built. In 2012 researchers realized a model that can define the mass of a single proton.
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