In Rotterdam, the Netherland, the first wind farm is going to be realized that will be a giant wheel without moving mechanical elements.

As soon as it will be completed, it will be the symbol of Rotterdam. We are talking about the Dutch Windwheel project: it is a futurist wheel shaped structure that will be able to produce energy, exploiting the wind strenght, but without blades, so without mechanical parts in movement. The basis of the project is a new technology, completely innovative compared to eolic that we all know, studied by the Delft University of Technology. Here is the functioning in few words: the structure exploits the wind and sea water combined together inside a magnetic field. The water, that runs through the pipes, releases positively-charged particles. These ones, carried by the wind, create an increasing potential energy that, if captured, will be converted in electricity.

The structure will be hosted in the port of Rotterdam and will also have a commercial area with shops, restaurants, malls and hotels. In the project we can find a strong ecological imprinting: on the facade we will find solar panels and an organic waste collection system that will be transformed into biogas. Even the materials used for its construction will be “green”: only materials coming from the Rotterdam area.

We would like to remind you that Celmi can offer you a wide range of load cells that can be used inside the classic wind farms and, generally speaking, inside structures that include the exploitation of renewable energy sources.


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