JCA Counting Scale

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Multifunctional counting scale type JCA Series

Capacity: 3 - 6 - 15 - 30 Kg


  • High resolution in 1/30000 (OIML Approved 1/3000).
  • Internal resolution 1/6000000.
  • State-of-art identical design.
  • Full counting keypad with numeric keys.
  • Fast display of weight, average piece weight and part count.
  • Special rugged construction and stainless steel weighing pan.
  • Zero/Tare/Pre-tare/Auto-Zero/Zero-Tracking/50 Preset unit weight/RTC /time display)/Auto unit weight recomputing/Part counting/Sampling/Check quantity/ Accumulation (50pcs)/Serial No./ Max. serial No. performance.
  • Up to 10 types of printing forms.
  • Option: Removable RS232 interface x2, relay interface x1 and dual channel (connection to larger platforms and floor scales).
  • Achieves a more precise count for small parts, with steady weighing result under any kind of industrial application.
  • New JCA

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