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HZY-A is a precision balance and a very innovative product. Its leading edge technique of load cell sensor, firmly iron shell, transparent windproof glass, 0,001g accuracy could be obtained only by costly electro-magnetic sensor before. Thanks to our long time working experience we managed to achieve this new technology and excellent performances at a low cost.


  • Dual weighing range/two weighing precision adjustable.
  • Four level anti-shock adjustable function.
  • Anti-radiate, anti-static metal housing.
  • Large LCD display.
  • Weighing stableness time adjustable.
  • Support AC-DC.
  • Selectable weighing and count mode.
  • 17 unit available: g, ct, lb, oz, ozt, GN, dwt, N, t, T/A/R.
  • Fit with RS232 line.
  • Percentage weighing function.
  • Mode look function.
  • Time and date setting
  • With display temperature.
  • With density measurement.
  • With dynamic weighing function.


  • Optional fit with inner rechargeable DC battery.
  • Optional with external operatable indicator
  • Optional with Under Hook.
  • HZY-A

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