TYPE LP 7660

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Portable truck scale Type LP 7660


  • Compact structure and light weight make it portable.
  • Ultra-thin weighing plate minimizes the intrinsic error of the weighing.
  • High precision sensor makes easy acquisition of precise measurement values.
  • Built-in big capacity rechargeable battery (6V/10A). One time of charging will last for very long time. Besides, the scale is also designed with real time battery monitoring function.
  • Automatic backlight display turn off for saving power consumption.
  • Built-in clock for displaying and printing time and date.
  • Built-in micro thermal printer of fast and efficient printing performance.
  • Built-in full matrix LCD screen (240X64), assigned with 30 slight touch keys and friendly HMI which facilitate the operation.
  • Each AD channel can be calibrated individually.
  • The weight of each wheel and axle as well as the total weight can be displayed and printed simultaneously.

Capacity: 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 t


  • Multiple seal protection, water proof, so that it could be working in rain conditions.
  • The pad features a robust aluminium steel deck construction and even better sealing for harsher environments.
  • It is with high intension cable protection spring, which is acceptable for wheels to pass by.
  • The handle is designed into hole which is stronger.
  • The plug of cable is imported with high quality.
  • The connector is designed to “coatai” type to avoid the disconnected with ramps.
  • The pad is made of super high intension aluminium alloy for aviaton.
  • It is wear corrosion resistance.
  • The signal feedback is with high frequency by unitary design.
  • IDS889

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