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Weighing scale Type PRW.


  • Display: 22mm digit LCD display, with white LED backlight
  • Capacities: 6Kg – 60Kg
  • Pan Size: 320x360mm
  • Keyboard: 6 keys (mechanical switch)
  • Housing: ABS plastic indicator
  • Max. divisions: 2 x 3000e
  • ADC: Sigma Delta
  • ADC update: ≤1/10 second
  • Operating Temp.: -10°C – +40°C
  • Power: AC Adapter (12V/500mA), Ni-MH Battery (1.2V/2000mAh x6)
  • Load cell excitation: 5V/150mA
  • Operating Temp.: -10°C – 40°C
  • Aluminum platform with stainless steel pan
  • An economical general purpose instrument
  • Applications: Net/Gross shift; Weighing unit conversion; Check weighing
  • Battery provides up to 40 hours of continuous use (without backilight)
  • Optional RS232 to connect to PC
  • Optional Initial-verification
  • PRW

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