LP 7660 - Indicator

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LP 7660 - Portable Indicator with Thermal Printer


  • Compact structure and light weight make it portable.
  • Ultra-thin weighing plate minimizes the intrinsic error of the weighing system.
  • High-precision sensor makes easy acquisition of precise measurement values.
  • Each AD channel can be calibrated separately.
  • Display and print each wheel weight. axle weight and the total weight.
  • Built-in a big-capacity rechargeable battery (6V/10A). and be provided with a real- time battery monitoring function.
  • Automatic backlight display turn-off for saving power consumption.
  • Built-in clock for displaying and printing time and date.
  • Built-in micro E18 dot-matrix printer of fast and efficient printing performance.
  • Built-in full-matrix LCD screen for displaying Chinese, assigned with 20 slight-touch keys and friendly HMI which facilitate the operation.


Front operation panel is composed of LCD screen, film keypad for operation, micro printer, sensor interface, serial RS232 interface and charging interface.
IDS889 sensor signal is realized with five-core fast aviation joint.



  • IDS889 Indicator

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