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  • high precision A/D conversion with readability 1/30000
  • AC/DC power supply, with inside rechargeable battery 6V/1.2AH
  • division: 1/30000
  • power: 30mA (LCD)
  • display: LCD, wide and easy to be read. Backlight and brightness can be set
  • design: very sturdy in order to guarantee a stable weighing
  • load cell range: 3mV/V
  • adaptor: DC6C/4AH (when battery voltage less than 5.6V, i twill show the sign of low power)
  • temperature and humidity: 0-40°C, less than 90%RH
  • storage: -25~ 55°C
  • operations: tare, PCS (counting function), animal weighing (with HOLD)
  • able to setup zero-tracking range
  • able to setup print function
  • standard RS232 communication interface with selectable baud rate and communication method
  • MS520

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