JIK Series

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Weighing Indicator for platform or floor scale type JIK Series

Two Models:

  • JIK-6 (CAB O CSB) - construction ABS Or Stainless Steel
  • JIK-8 (CAB O CSB) - construction ABS Or Stainless Steel


  • Easy to read large LCD display with green LED backlight.
  • Both stainless steel and ABS structure are available.
  • Dual channel as a standard feature for JIK-8 (connection to larger platforms and floor scales).
  • Zero/Tare/Weighing/Simple counting/Percent weighing/Net/Gross/Accumulation/Serial No./Check weighing functions.
  • Auto shut off for power saving.
  • Options: 2 relay interfaces, 1 RS232 interface.
  • JIK indicator is the solution to your weighing indicator applications that require multiple functions, rugged construction, comprehensive yet intuitive software and multiple connectively options.
  • JKI Series

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