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Portable weight indicator which has a ultra-thin weighing plate, that minimizes the inherent error of the weighing system.

Other features:
- High precision sensor facilitates the acquisition of precise measurement values.
- Compact and lightweight structure.
- Functions: wheel weighing, data store, data query.
- Mode of operation: the instrument can be connected to one, two, three, four platforms.
- Weighing methods: ordinary, cumulated.
- Max connection channels: 4 ways.
- Print: date, time, tire weight, axle weight, gross weight.
- Each AD channel can be calibrated separately.
- Display and printing of weight for each wheel, for each axle and for the total weight.
- Rechargeable large capacity battery (6 V / 4Ah). It can be equipped with a real-time battery
monitoring function.
- Automatic backlighting of the display for energy saving.
- Built-in clock for printing and date display.
- LCD display.

  • LP7561

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