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Weighing controller Type SD2104

The SD2104 is a very accurate, fast and multifunctional weighing amplifier.

  • Very accurate: e10000 class III, 24bits
  • Certified to: EN45501 / OIML R76
  • Fast: conversion rate adjust up to 1250Hz
  • Digital filtering: two adjustable filters (FIR and moving average) ensure that unwanted vibrations and interfering frequencies will be filtered out from the load cell input signal.
  • Log Function: this function enables the user to gain a clear insight into the effects or the digital filters on the input weight. This information can be stored into a CSV formatted file and can easily be imported into other PC applications.
  • Network capability: the SD2104 can be configured and calibrated easily by means of the enclosed SD-config software via USB or via the PROFINET interface.
  • With powerfull PC configuration software
  • DIN-rail mounting


  • Machine engineering
  • Processing industry
  • Asphalt and concrete processing
  • Heavy-duty transport
  • Bulk cargo industry
  • Poultry processing
  • Dairy industry
  • Synthetics processing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • SD2104

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