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Improving industry’s modern requirements, Celmi supplies a wide range of weighing transmitters using advanced piezoelectric technology. Different types of piezoelectric transmitters are combined with effective process tools from Celmi to be used in a wide range of applications in industrial sectors involving air and liquid pressure measurements. This type of weighing transmitters offer compact cost-effective solution for a concrete set of application fields. Piezoelectric transmitter is perfect for long-lasting use thanks to ceramic sensor employing MEMS technology.

Besides piezoelectric technology, Celmi offers effective process tools to improve load cell performance in a variety of applications including processing industry, machine engineering, concrete and asphalt processing, heavy-duty transport and much more. SD2104 model represents fast, precise and multi-functional solution weighing control of load cells, enhanced with high precision filters with transmitting advanced load function. LCD display weight indicator is a must for weighing and batching operations. Type S3 analog weighting transmitter offers easy-to-use, reliable solutions for complete remote handling with handy DIN rail mount used for industrial applications or residential plant. Discover entire range of weighting transmitters and process tools from Celmi or contact us to know more about piezoelectric technology used in our products.


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