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  • The DATA is a weight transmitter to be combined with the load cells to detect the weight in any situation.
  • The led weight display with 7 red segments, 6 digits (h 8 mm), allows easy reading of the weight, configuration parameters and errors.
  • Integrated communication interfaces: Rs232, Profinet field bus, Profibus, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, Ethernet TCP, CanOpen, Modbus/TCP. The instrument can be requested both with field bus and analog output, so one does not exclude the other.
  • The DATA uses the RS485 and RS232 serial port with ASCII and Modbus RTU protocols, to be connected to PC, PLC and remote units.
  • The presence of the most common field buses also allows the transmitter to be interfaced with any supervision device currently offered on the market.
  • DATA_750X510

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