TDP PROFINET transmitter

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TDP is a digital measuring amplifier for strain gauges bridge, including a 24 bit acquisition circuit with programmable gain .Through the Profinet I/O interface it is possible to program all operational parameters of the unit: zero, gain (full scale in engineering unit), and dimension of the window for the moving window average. The leds on the front panel report the working condition of the unit.

Technical characteristics:

  • power supply 24VDC ± 10% / 0.2A
  • one interface for strain gauges bridge, characterised by:
  1. bridge supply 5 VDC - 60 mA total (4 load cells 350 Ohm in parallel).
  2. acquisition with a 24 bit ADC converter.
  3. linearity 0,05% F.S.
  4. thermal drift 0,01% F.S. / °C
  5. possibility to select via software to use independent sense wires (6 wires connection) or internal sense wires (4 wires connection) .
  • assembling on DIN guide step 23 mm.
  • profinet I/O interface with integrated 2-ports switch.
  • TDP 2

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