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Weighing Panel Type TDSC-PAN

The model TDSC-PAN weight alarming converter is a digital instrument specifically designed for overload control in industrial or residential electronic weighing, both for system using strain gage load cells.

Typical applications are:

  • General weighing systems.
  • Overload control for lifting machines.
  • Level alarms and indication for silos, hoppers, ecc.
  • Alarms for any process variable using a standard mV signal.
  • Process variable transmitter for PC/PLC input.


  • Suitable for max 4 strain-gage load cells
  • Load cell supply short circuit protection
  • Three relais alarm outputs
  • Two opto-isolated digital input
  • Internal failure control circuit
  • RS485 MODBUS serial output
  • Panel mounting construction
  • LED display, 6digit
  • Optional Analog Output
  • Trasmettitore di peso celmi TDSC_PAN

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