TYPE 412

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The low profile load cell type 412 can be used for low, medium and high capacity weighing systems.

Some typical applications are:

- Pesature tramogge, serbatoi, sili, miscelatori, ecc.
- Piattaforme di pesatura

Caratteristiche principali:

- Construction completely in stainless steel
- High resistance to transverse loads
- Available with double output signal (for redundant systems)
- Available with output in CANopen (C IA 404)
- Available with 4-20 mA output
- Available with Volt output
- Available with CANopen + Volt output
- Welded with micro plasma
- Standard capacities from 1 to 2 tons
- High accuracy (equivalent to OIML C3)
- Atex certification

Nominal load:
t: 1-2

  • TIPO 412

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