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MPM489W level transmitter is a full-sealed submersible piezo-resistive level measuring device. The transmitter utilizes tested stable silicon OEM piezo-resistive pressure sensor and high acuracy trasmitter amplified circuit, which are sealed in a stainless steel housing. The integrated construction and standard signal make it easy for on-site use automatic control. The special vented cable is sealed on the housing, the transmitter can be directly submersed into liquids compatible with transmitter materials and for long-time use. With its compact structure, light weight and good stability, MPM489W transmitter are widely use for various water or liquids level measurements and control in the fields of medicine, metallurgy, power station, city eater supply and drainage, hydrology survey, etc.


  • Integrated construction, no necessary for external adjustment.
  • Protection: level transmitter IP68, electronic connection box IP65.
  • Competitive characteristic, high stability for long-term use.
  • Intrinsically safe version ExiallCT6 conform with standard GB3836.4
  • Atex certificate.
  • MPM489W atex

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