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CELMI srl can offer you this desktop label printer, that can support various national industries and help them improve their work efficiency. Here you can find its main characteristics:
1. Adjustable paper house, printing without limit
Only for one printer, by adjusting the paper house, printer can print different width; and the paper adjustment range is 20-58mm; if adjusting the label direction, the width of 80mm could also be used.
2. Upgrading printing speed; label automatically stripped
Traditional labels are printed hand-picked, which is low operating efficiency. SP-TL21 add label automatic stripping technology, firm structure, and stable and reliable performance. Print labels automatically peeling off, could greatly improve work efficiency. The model printing speed supports barcode 127mm / s.
3. Dual mode printing
A printer with dual-using, label and thermal papers, easy to switch command on the label and thermal paper printing.
4. Support alarm function for “no-taking” receipt
In the daily busy work, people are subject to forgetting taking the labels. SP-TL21 specifically support alarm function if “no-taking” receipt.
5. Compatible with ESC, TSC, CPCL commands.
6. For multi-industry.
SP TL21 can meet the printing needs of catering, stores, warehousing, logistics, clothing, medicine, electronic components, milk tea, jewelry, restaurants, fruit shops and so on.

Main features:

• 1 inch and 2 inch label size available
• automatic label peeling
• compatible with CPCL, ESC/POS, TSC command set

  • SP-TL21

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