Reliable and precise metrological performance is as precious as goldsmith products that require it. Celmi scales offer excellence in weighing of jewels and precious materials: diamonds, precious stones, gold and silver. Designed for the specific needs of jewelers our products provide measurements from few grams to 1,5 kilograms, choosing between 14 different units of measurement including carats. Celmi scales for jewellery sector calculate the percentage weight and guarantee high quality and stability.

Collaboration of our designers and technicians allow Celmi to reinterpret the specifications of a precision balance and adapt them to particular needs of jewellery sector. Our dedicated line of weighing scales offer optimal solution for goldsmith and jeweler modern demands.

The percentage weight and block mode functions allow information to be obtained easily and constantly. 3-second response time stands out as extremely competitive in the panorama of the weighing instruments and the wind-proof glass provides enhanced performance without mechanical interference or external agents. Celmi scales with accuracy up to 0.001 gram satisfy modern demands in precision, quality and reliability.

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