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Company Profile

Celmi Srl was born in 1981 from the initiative of some weighing professionals, who intended to fill a qualitative gap in the market, proposing solutions with high technological content, designed ad hoc on the specific needs of the customer.

In over 40 years Celmi srl has remained faithful to this commitment, managing to establish itself as a manufacturer of quality, precise, reliable load cells over time, capable of “giving the right weight to the systems”.

The goal was achieved by combining cutting-edge design methods with a highly articulated production process, which involves both the use of latest generation machinery and artisanal type . Over the years, this mix has proved to be the only one capable of guaranteeing constant performance within very narrow tolerance values .

Most of our products are also:


All the individual components used in the production of our load cell systems, even those apparently less influential for the purposes of the final result, are specially made according to our indications, as well as managed through the ISO 9001 Quality System . The latter allows us to obtain great reliability in terms of years, even for systems subjected to particularly heavy use. Every single cell is carefully tested and we are able, at any moment of the product’s life, to trace the characteristics it had when it left our production unit.

Since that distant 1981 Celmi has grown a lot and we plan to continue in the future: we have expanded the organizational structure, the range of products and above all we have developed considerable experience in any industrial sector: from automotive to food&beverage , from medical to lifting, up to oil & gas and geothermal . These are just some of the areas of use of our products. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you in selecting and using the most suitable load cell system for your application.