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Training Courses

Celmi offers an essential set of training services about its products to provide customers with the information necessary for the correct use of weighing systems and all products. Our product training courses are targeted and personalized according to the particular sector: food, automotive, naval engineering, gas and energy, beverage and others.

This service is provided by professional trainers with many years of experience. The indications provided are updated on the basis of the latest legislative innovations and reference standards, both Italian and European constantly improving quality standards.

Adequate training regarding the use of weighing systems (scales and load cells) is fundamental both to fulfil the obligations indicated by law and to guarantee a finished product in line with the best national and international standards, in terms of quality and security.

Once you have chosen the most suitable weighing instruments for definitive activities of the company, you can take advantage of the assistance by specialized trainers, who will help you obtain the best results and highest performance with any Celmi product from load cell to software.

Celmi uses professional training staff with in-depth proven knowledge of the particular sector , providing indications, suggestions and personalized advice according to the customer’s needs. Request more information and go for high-level training regarding use of our equipment, contact Celmi with a phone call or an e-mail!