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Sector of Application


Crane scales and platform weighing
Celmi products cover complete set of industrial purposes applyingcrane scale for precise control over weighing system. Rich experience and particular attention to details allow us to improve international standards in the field of both floor and platform weighing. Celmi weighing scales for crane stand out for high quality andprecision in reading and durability.

Load cells and pressure sensors are core products of Celmi suitable for lifting devices that require load control, as well as for weighing platforms able to withstand the most difficult environmental conditions.

Our products for industrial weighing systems are designed to improve precision and reliability in the field of load control. Typical applications of our load cells include hoppers, scaling of cranes and weighing of aerial platforms.
Load cell as the receiving part normally replaces a pivot axis mounted with a pulley of the rope. Special construction of Celmi load cell products, characterized by total stainless steel structure sealed with micro-plasma welding, makes it suitable for weighing system operating even in the most severe industrial conditions, ensuring absolute inalterability in time. Celmi crane scales and solutions for platform weighing are built according to specific customer needs such as sizing, mounting system, maximum capacity to ensure perfect functionality and cost-effective solution.

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