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Load cells

Celmi is specialized in planning of electronic load cells for the industrial use. Load cell is an automated device used for force measurement applied on an object through an electric signal.
Our company offers a wide range of industrial load cells: off center, compression low profile, compression column, tension and compression, shear beam, double shear beam, bending beam, pin and special load cells.

Each product is carefully planned and developed, using high quality materials and modern technologies of load control. Particular attention to details, high precision, reliability and resistance make Celmi loadcell products excellent components for vehicle scales, hoppers, harbor and truck cranes, aerial platforms. Rich experience in this field allows us to plan and develop customized products, designed according to the specific needs of the client.

The electronic load cells from Celmi can be used in a wide set of demanding sectors: automotive, industrial automation, nautical, lifting, food and beverage, oil and gas, packaging, paper and tissue, steel plant and medical.

Celmi is a team of skilled specialists and experts capable of clarifying every aspect of load cell functionality, like overload protection, or explain in detail how to measure stress in scale weighing systems using our loadcell products. Contact us to study and choose best load cells for specific requests.