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OFF Center

Off-center load cells offer ideal solution for particular weighing conditions where weight is not positioned precisely in the center of a cell. This cell type ensures measurement accuracy regardless of the way weighed object is positioned.

Since 1981 Celmi remains leading load cell manufacturer offering high quality production according to ISO 9001 standards.

We deliver first-rate custom-made products to satisfy even most sophisticated needs:

  • Off-center load cell type BM6E for single load cell weighing systems
  • Off-center load cell type L6E3 used in small-sized weighing systems

· Off-center load cell type L6H5 for weighing systems with low nominal capacity

  • Off-center load cell type BM6A for low-capacity weighing systems.

Discover complete range of load cells setting new standards and opportunities for your business contacting us by phone and mail or using request form on our website.