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Forward-looking enterprises constantly update their requirements constantly improving quality and performance of their production. New generation of dynamometers from Celmi are used to improve recent standards in precise automated weighing of cranes. Celmi dynamometers are presented with a wide range of digital crane scale equipment for various applications: starting from simple and reliable LP7926 series and finishing with advanced SZ-BC and XZ-AAE editions for demanded industries.

Different types of dynamometers are used for precise control and automation of crane operations including precision and functionality of load cells. LP7926 series represent reliable, easy-to-use digital solutions for crane scale with lightweight capacity from 30 up to 200 kg. SZ crane scale series is represented with a wide range of units: from low-cost wireless CP models up to power-level BC series with extremely accurate crane scale load cell offering RFI certified and LN-patented dynamometers for extended precision and safety. The XZ-AAE series represent perfect combination of technologies and materials: microdiecasing aluminium-magnesium ensures highest level of strength while jittering compensation and ultra-bright display provide enhanced performance in any operational conditions.

All lifting equipment by Celmi is designed using top class stainless still and aluminium enclosure. Dynamometers are equipped with high quality rechargeable batteries and high contrast displays and reliable wireless transmitters.