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Shear beam

Offering modern production of shear beam load cells, Celmi delivers complete range of solutions for precise weighing in the medium-capacity range as well as reliable anchorage between base and weighed structure.

Our company is a leading manufacturer of shear beam load cells: we offer high quality systems featuring resistant and durable materials. We manufacture according to ISO 9001 to offer you reliable and safe products.

Our catalog meets complete range of modern requirements and application fields:

  • Shear beam load cell GX-1 for medium and high capacity weighing systems
  • Shear beam load cell H8Q for weighing platforms, hoppers and similar applications
  • Shear beam load cell B8Q for weighing platforms, hoppers and other electronic scales
  • Shear beam load cell BM8H for electronic weighbridge.

Browse our catalog of shear beam type of load cells for better reliability and precision. Learn more advantages of our products contacting us by phone and mail or using request form on the website.