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Compression low profile

Essential line of low-profile load cells for weighing silos, tanks, platforms, hoppers and similar purposes are defined by increased performance and a set of benefits.

Our company is specialized in production of high quality compression load cells with enhanced technical characteristics, regularly certified and extremely resistant thanks to construction in stainless steel.

Extensive range of compression load cells in low profile includes:

  • Compression load cells type BM24R for small capacity weighing systems (with OIML C3 certification)
  • Compression load cells type SMC2 for small-size force measuring systems (with ATEX certification)
  • Compression load cells type TCPM for small industrial weighing systems (with ATEX certification)
  • Low-profile compression load cell type 142 covers low, high and medium loading capacity weighing systems (with ATEX certification).

Explore complete range of low-profile load cells contacting us by phone and mail or sending request on the website.