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In case of any product malfunctions or breakdowns you can contact Celmi to request a repair where possible. Our technical staff is available for any intervention: we cover complete range of repair services from ordinary or extraordinary maintenance to after-sales technical assistance to ensure quick problem solving.

Covering all failure types, Celmi guarantees repairs and specialized technical assistance to minimize any inconvenience and the consequent economic losses for the customer to resume planned on-site activities as soon as possible.

The repairs are carried out by a staff of technicians with extensive experience, updated training in line with the latest industry trends, capable of treating any product in our product range, fromscales to load cells and industrial weighing instruments including the new line of software.

You can request a quick on-site repair, scheduling both the day and time of the intervention to interfere as little as possible with your processes. Punctuality and professionalism define our technical assistance service providing additional advantage for customers to develop long-standing collaboration.

Working with Celmi you get a single interlocutor for any need related to industrial weighing: from purchase and on-site installation of scales and other tools to technical assistance, from consultancy to product training courses. Celmi becomes an excellent and comprehensive partner for your company ensuring quality and competence in your application field.

Contact Celmi to request immediate intervention of the technical staff: call or send an e-mail briefly explaining the problem, and you will receive assistance as soon as possible!