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Remote display

Celmi manufactures a wide range of remote displays for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. New technologies and 35 years of experience makes us leading manufacturer of remote displays suiting modern needs in quality and performance. Weight repeaters are among essential accessories that make the weight data more visible even for long distances.

We blend quality, reliability and safety to introduce international market high quality products in line with modern needs. All our products are made according to ISO 9001 standards to ensure completely safety and reliability of highest level.

Discover advantages of GC weight repeater and other remote displays for industrial use:

  • Big remote display is suitable for wide range of application in any industrial and civil systems
  • Remote displays can be used together with the LCD weight indicator as well as the TDSC and TDSC-PAN transmitters
  • Remote displays are equipped with serial line RS485 and RS232 input reading and displaying net weight: no calibration or settings is required
  • It can be installed both inside and outside and can be fixed using two brackets on the sides of the display.

Discover all advantages of our industrial remote displays contacting us by phone and mail or using request form on our website.