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New generation of weighing indicators

Weight indicator is intended for collection and transferring of necessary data for complex control of scale weighing systems. We supply a wide range of indicators to forward-looking enterprises that constantly update their requirements for instruments they use. Celmi weighing indicators cover complete set of industrial purposes applied in floor and platform scale including extended control over load cells.

Our weight indicators pass checks at multiple stages for compliance with the industry’s highest requirements. Celmi perfectly combines high quality materials and reliable technologies to guarantee best performance and reliability in any working conditions. Weighing indicators from Celmi are equipped with LCD display, rechargeable batteries, built-in printers, stainless steel elements and special features to suit even most sophisticated requirements. Portable weight indicating devices can be enclosed in stainless or mild steel and feature high precision sensors and special plates to reduce errors during measurement. Special series of Celmi weight indicators include advanced graphic display and integrated multifunction, controllers and transmitter features. Tailored for overload monitoring Modbus solutions with analog output are suitable for weighing system utilizing heavy-load strain gauge load cells.

Discover complete range of weighing indicators from Celmi to update your scale systems in line with modern requirements.