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Celmi offers a wide range of warehouse scales featuring excellent performance, precision and durability in line with modern requirements. Wide range of models includes various types of scales including platform-based, axle weighing systems, floor or table placement, laboratory scales, scales for retail sector.

Extensive range of Celmi scales for industrial and retail use includes:

  • Ultra-low platform scales LP7622: ideal for industrial and residential applications for automatic or manual application including container filling, automatic batching, line-end weighing, counting and pallet weighing.
  • Weighing scale A7-40: features 7″operator display, capacities from 3 kg up to 30 kg, communication via Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi, CE and OIML certifications.
  • Analytical Scale HZK-FA: 17 weighing units available, temperature display and automatic weight-lock function.
  • Bench scale LP 7660: ultra-thin and portable, waterproof, LCD display and built-in clock to control and print date and time.

Check out our lines of industrial and retail scales: contact us by phone and mail or send request on the website for more information on every model.