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Our solutions for CRASH TESTS and IMPACT TESTS

CELMI srl, specialized in the design and production of industrial weighing systems for over 40 years , is also present in the world of road safety with its weighing solutions ideal for carrying out crash tests and impact tests.

These are fundamental simulations in the automotive field both as a support for the design of vehicles and roads and to verify the safety of a vehicle, its components and the road network in the event of accidents.

Celmi low profile compression and compression and tension load cells are used in this sector to have a precise and highly reliable measurement of weight and impressed force, on which to base the results obtained from impacts.

Our Type 281 and 142 low profile compression load cells are used by Test Centers during crash tests carried out on barriers, which will be installed along the edges of bridges, to accurately and precisely measure the forces released during the impact of the vehicles on side curbs.

Thanks to the application of our Type 281 low profile compression load cell we are able to verify the correct functioning of restraint systems in the event of vehicle escape.

The Celmi load cell is part of the instrumentation used during these dynamic impact tests to determine the energy transferred to the barrier uprights and to verify that the latter, as well as the ground in which they are fixed, have a similar behavior to the prototypes used during crash tests, when they are subjected to a certain pressure and force.

Enter our new website and come and discover all the technical characteristics of our load cells for crash tests:

Type 281 load cell: The type 281 washer load cell can be used for medium-capacity weighing systems. CAPACITY: 0.3-0.5-0.75-1-1.5-2-3-5-7.5-10-15-20 t


  • IP66 hose-tight construction.
  • Completely in stainless steel.
  • Standard capacities from 0.3 to 20 tons.
  • ATEX certification.

Type 142 Load Cell: The Type 142 low profile load cell can be used for low, medium and high capacity weighing systems.

CAPACITY: 0.5-1-2-5-7.5-10-15-20-30-50-100-150-200 t MAIN FEATURES:

  • Immersion-tight construction.
  • High resistance to transverse loads.
  • Completely in stainless steel.
  • Welded with micro-plasma.
  • High precision (OIML C3).
  • ATEX certification.
  • The relevant MOUNTING KIT is available, proposed in 3 different variants: TYPE K142-1L, TYPE K142-B and TYPE K142-H.

For more information and details on these products and for the other solutions in the CELMI srl catalogue, you can visit the website and write to