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  • Dual platform;
  • Display resolution:1/30,000;
  • Multiple communication protocols selectable;
  • Applications: light industrial; parts counting; warehouse
  • Load cell: high precision single Alum. Load cell
  • Construction: removable stainless steel weighing platter for convenient cleaning. Rugged ABS housing provides years of service. Heavy duty X-shaped cast Alum. load cell bracket. Second DB9 connector able to connect an external larger base for bigger volume counting. Equipped with adjustable feet and leveling bubble for quick set-up and stability.
  • Indicator: Large and easy to read blacklit LCD display. 25 keys: on/off, R.S./L.S., tare, zero, unit, print, RC.PLU, ST.PLU, pcwt, hi/lo, exit, enter, clear, 0-9.
  • Functions: weighing, counting, upper and lower count limits, accumulation, preset tare, 256 memories, save piece weight, tare weight, unit. Available to connect an external printer for printing labels.

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