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Pressure sensor type HT Series.


  • Type: gauge - absolute - differential.
  • Excitation: <= 10VDC <=2,0Ma.
  • Input impendance: 3KΩ.........6KΩ.
  • Output impendace: 2,5KΩ.......6KΩ
  • Insulation resistance: >= 100MΩ (50VAC) >=100MΩ (50VAC).
  • Insulation voltage. 500VDC 500VAC (VDC or RMS AC between case and electrical connections).
  • Proof pressure: 3 x FS or 50 Mpa whichever is less.
  • Static line pressure (HT20 only): 30bar.
  • Media compatibility: fluids gases compatible with AISI316L SS.
  • Response time: <= 1millisecond (10% to 90%).
  • Operating temp. range: -40°C...120°C.
  • Compensate temp. range: 0°C...+70°C.
  • Stored temp. range: -40°C...+125°C.


  • Material in contact with fluid AISI316L.
  • Compactness.
  • Permitted temperature range: -40°C...+120°C.
  • Compensate temperature range: 0°C...+70°C.

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