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MPM180-185 is a TO-8 housing piezo-resistive pressure sensitive element. In which, the silicon pressure sensitive element adopts advanced ion implantation and micro-mechanical working technology to form weatstone bridge and precise mechanical structure, the measuring pressure is transmitted onto the silicon sensitive element through pressure port. This achieves the linearity transfer of the measuring pressure and output voltage signal. The laser-trimmed thick-film resistors compensated temperature of the sensor. It is suitable for mounting on printed circuit board PCB or narrow room, and measuring absolute, gauge and differential pressure of gases and liquids compatible with the sensor materials.


  • Pressure calibration.
  • Space & aviation.
  • Automoblie.
  • Air pressure control.
  • Medical instruments, blood-pressure meter.
  • Communication systems.
  • Physiology.


  • Pressure range: MPM185: 0 - 20kPa; MPM180: 0 - 70kPa - 1000kPa.
  • Optional accuracy class.
  • Gauge, absolute, difference pressure version.
  • TO-8 housing for installing on printed circuit.
  • Constant current supply.
  • Suitable for non-conductive, non-corrosive liquid and gases.
  • Optional temperature compensation.
  • Standard 3/16" connector.
  • Low cost, compact size.

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