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MPM4700 level transmitter is the full stainless steel construction and full-sealed submersible intelligent level trasmitter with high acuracy. It uses highly reliable and stable pressure sensor, intelligent processing circuit, precise digital temperature compensation and linearity correction technics for production. The waterproof cable connects with housing selead, with vented tube putting in, the trasmitter could used in the water or liquid in a long time. Integrated construction and standard output signal could provide easy operation and good automatic control. with 2-wire working, compact size, light weight and easy installation and operation, it is widely used for industry field instead of normal 2-wire 4-20mADC analog output transmitter.


  • 4-20mADC / 2-wire current output.
  • Digital temperature compensation and linearity correction.
  • RS485 communication interface of HART communication protocol (optional).
  • Netting application.
  • Full stainless steel construction, compact size, light weight.
  • RoHS certificate.

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