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RMS is a VHF simplex/half-duplex high quality radiomodem with an output power of 200mWERP with a dedicated λ/4 antenna, operating on six 12,5 KHz channels or three 25KHz channels in the 169.400 - 169.475 MHz band in according to the European Decision 2005/928/CE. These products are characterised by FREE USE. The radiomodem is enclosed in an extruded aluminium box containing the RS232/RS485 interface and supply unit card. All the radiomodems are fully transparent to the user and configurable from the PC by dedicated software for the desired functions.


  • STORE & FORWARD mode with 448 Bytes maximum Buffer size
  • ON/OFF switching controlled via DTR criteria
  • Low power consumption in both RX and TX mode with selectable Power Saving Mode from configuration software
  • Broadcasting Mode or Address management through configuration software or directly from DTE
  • Digital Repeater (digipeater) Mode to permit communications between two or more hidden stations
  • Remote programming of the devices and channel selection from DTE
  • More sophisticated as: ACK and repetition of the not received message, addrerss reversing for the answer, ECHO, NAK to DTE and the end of repetitions, address to DTE and so on. These devices, assembled with SMT components in the industrial temperature range, are particularly suitable for Low-Cost radio networks in which the battery or solar cells supply require a low power consumption together an high quality product

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