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What makes Celmi products special are the 40 years of experience and the synergy between modern design methods and innovative production processes which have guaranteed solid and reliable performance within extremely limited tolerance values for each product manufactured.

The Celmi catalogue meets the needs of numerous production sectors, including the lifting sector and, over the years, Celmi has developed specific solutions for this specific sector. Let’s see them in detail.

The pin load cells are used to replace the non-instrumented pins, allowing the measurement of the force applied in an area (usually the central one) of the transducer. The installation of the pin load cell allows to obtain an electrical signal proportional to the applied load. The measuring body, made of 17-4PH aeronautical steel, is suitably machined to allow the installation of the rolling element on the area prepared for measurement (bearing, bushing, etc.).

The pins made by Celmi can be produced according to the following two variants: with 4-20mA output or CANopen technology. It is possible to request, with the standard version, the variant with ATEX certification, in order to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Settore 02

Settore 03

Type of cells used in lifting

  • Pin load cells
  • Double shear beam load cells
  • Compression load cells

Design elements

The design of the load cell is carried out with advanced tools up to the Finite Element Analysis (FEM).

These types of analysis allow to describe a real system in an accurate and reliable way in order to be able to obtain the physical quantities of interest.

This important design phase allows the study of complex physical phenomena that could otherwise be faced only with an experimental approach, identifying any problems even before the load cell is built.

In the lifting sector overload control is one of the most important safety measures also because it is mandatory by law (in Italy since 2001).

Sollevamento 04

On the aerial platforms, the compression and double shear beam load cells allow to calculate the real weight placed in the basket during the working operations; the machine is calibrated by the manufacturer in such a way as to inhibit any movement in case there is an excess of weight that goes beyond the established maximum capacity.

In the pictures above we can show you some typical applications of these tools to ensure maximum safety and reliability of the machines:

  • inside the so-called “spider” with the aim of stabilizing the platform and avoiding overturning and overloading of the basket.
  • on the machine to monitor the ballast against tampering.

Sollevamento 05

In the images above, further applications to protect the safety and reliability of the machines in question:

  • Crane lifting winches
  • Augers and drilling machines

Sollevamento 06

Further applications of Celmi pin load cells:
• on rail transport systems, lifts and cable cars: it is essential to prevent overloading and thus ensure maximum passenger safety.

• on stacker cranes for pallets and stacker cranes for containers for load management

• on winding drums and winches to measure rope tension in order to prevent rope breakage during lifting.