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Counting scales : how they work

The professional counting scale is a very valuable weighing instrument that is used in a wide variety of sectors, from retail in small hardware stores, to do-it-yourself department stores, to industries. Counting / packing and executing the classic inventory manually are the most burdensome operations for the company. This is why the use of the piece counting scale becomes essential and more and more common!

Which type of scale is right for your needs?

To identify the ideal counting scale , we at CELMI recommend that you define the following points:

  • the average weight of the goods you have to weigh / count,
  • the maximum weight and number of types of objects,
  • the ability to connect it to your computer,
  • the amount of variety of objects it can keep in memory, and being digital scales
  • battery life and display readability .

To define the first point, and to understand how a piece counter works, the average weight for each type of product is the first necessary data. For example, it is sufficient to weigh 10 pieces of the same type of product all together, the scale will take the total weight detected by dividing it by the quantity of pieces and will carry out the average of the weight per piece (APW) . Each type of product is stored and consequently it is important to choose a scale with a high resolution , that is, a scale capable of recording the minimum weight variation for each type of product. The weight and number of pieces are stored and added to the counting scale for each individual weighing process, and you automatically receive a total number for each item.

In order for the weighing and calculation operations using the counting scales to be efficient, they must be easy to use, intuitive, precise and quick in the calculation operations. Solid operating buttons ensure that the scale minimizes user errors. A more complete counting scale model is EHC-CF with various functions: weight, counting, maximum and minimum counting limits, accumulation, tare preset, 256 memories, saving the weight of the single piece, tare weight, unit of measurement. In addition, it can be connected to an external printer to print labels.

Depending on the version, the display is protected against dust and water jets. The stainless steel weighing pan is scratch resistant and easy to clean. Furthermore, stainless steel is insensitive to almost all emissions that can affect piece counting scales in the industrial sector. All counting scales are easily transportable, an important feature especially during inventory, both in the warehouse and in the production room. Powerful batteries ensure that the scale can be installed anywhere, regardless of the power supply.

We are talking about an investment and therefore we are also talking about the price of a counting scale: a decisive variable, which must be evaluated considering the more or less extensive use that you want to make within the company. The sure thing is that whatever automated piece counting scale you choose will help you carry out a job that, otherwise, would be done manually, increasing work times and consequently costs. Weighing, counting, making warehouse inventories: counting scales are an indispensable tool in all workplaces, guaranteeing high precision and efficiency.

Contact us now to speak to one of our experts and choose the best piece counting scale for your needs.